Vision Thing is a journal I write to share my experience and passion as an artist with my collectors,
galleries, friends and art enthusiasts everywhere. My goal is to offer a "behind the scenes" or
insider's view of what makes an artist tick...this artist at least.
I appreciate you sharing my journey.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Long and Winding Road...

As this is my first "official" blog entry I would like to begin with some words of thanks...and some other stuff. I'll try to keep things short and sweet...

First I would like to thank my beautiful wife Ruth for her patience, her support and her Love. Today happens to be our 20th anniversary (25 years together) so it seemed like a good place to start. It has indeed been a long and winding road and I'm looking forward to another 25+ years of our journey together.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all my friends and family as well who have been companions on the journey. Thank you for all your support, guidance, inspiration and cameraderie over the years. Friendship is a treasure...

I would also like to acknowledge the teachers who have been important guides: Mr. Kirk, Richard Wilson, Ruben Heredia, Gregg Berryman, Matt Smith, Scott Christensen. Their inspiration and example are important factors in my development as an artist.

The other stuff...

To blog or not to blog...this was a tough decision for me. One of the aforementioned friends recommended I do so (talked me into it) and now I'm looking forward to the prospect. I tend to be very informal and this seems like a good venue to share more in-depth thoughts, ideas and musings about art. My goal is to post something art related once per week that will be useful in some way or at least insightful. We'll see...

Thanks for joining me on the journey...



  1. Jeff, Be brave, form your thoughts, follow your inclinations. There is plenty of room for what you bring to the table. Nothing is too far out there, and as long as it is your choice of will be you and not someone else's thought. Here is to new beginnings.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words Karl!